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IMPROVE: IMproving Perinatal Mortality Review and Outcomes Via Education

The death of a baby is a devastating event for both the families and the professionals looking after them. To try to answer the questions raised by such deaths, a structured approach is required.

In partnership with the Perinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand (PSANZ), the Stillbirth CRE has developed IMPROVE - IMproving Perinatal Mortality Review and Outcomes Via Education.

The IMPROVE face-to-face workshops and eLearning modules are designed to address the educational needs of health professionals involved in maternity and newborn care in managing perinatal death, based on the Perinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand’s Perinatal Mortality Guideline. This includes supporting healthcare professionals respond to women and families who have experienced stillbirth, conduct perinatal autopsy and mortality reviews, and communicate with bereaved parents.

This training is based on the Australia and New Zealand Clinical Practice Guideline for Care Around Stillbirth and Neonatal Death, developed by PSANZ and the Stillbirth CRE. At the completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the basic epidemiology of perinatal mortality and stillbirth
  2. Understand the scope and purpose of the PSANZ and the Stillbirth CRE Guidelines
  3. Know the definitions of perinatal mortality applied in your state
  4. Understand the rationale for the IMPROVE Program

IMPROVE face-to-face workshops first launched in 2010 and have been since held across Australia, as well as internationally. The Stillbirth CRE is responsible for Queensland face-to-face workshops,  and has held 38 workshops since 2010, educating 1,167 Queensland health professionals.

The IMPROVE online training launched to a limited audience in December 2019, and officially launched in October 2020. Since then, more than 1447 clinicians have registered for IMPROVE eLearning, including 1383 Australian clinicians.

Access to online learning

IMPROVE your skills as a healthcare professional in responding to women who have experienced stillbirth, and gain crucial learnings in this online training of six courses.