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Safer Baby Bundle E-Learning and Masterclass

The Safer Baby Bundle is a national initiative with five evidence-based elements to address key areas where improved practice can reduce the number of stillborn babies in Australia.

The Stillbirth CRE has led the development of the Safer Baby Bundle evidence- based eLearning resources.  The Stillbirth CRE is committed to designing and delivering evidence-based eLearning materials, as well as face to face workshops, to support clinicians across Australia in reducing preventable stillbirth. We have partnered with the leading professional colleges and research institutions across Australia to develop these learning resources. And address the priority evidence practice gaps in stillbirth prevention for implementation across maternity services.

The Safer Baby Bundle eLearning modules are free to access and provide access to include downloadable resources to share with patients. Clinicians who successfully complete the Safer Baby Bundle eLearning modules can be recognised for their training with accredited CPD points.  

The Safer Baby Bundle evidence-based eLearning module provides a suite of educational resources based on the latest clinical best practice in stillbirth prevention. Maternity care providers will gain access to key clinical recommendations through these eLearning modules.

✔ Best practice recommendations for stillbirth prevention
✔ Implementation tools including NEW care pathways
✔ Education program collaboratively codesigned by health professionals for health professionals
✔ Six 20 minute chapters, accessible on mobiles, tablets and PCs
✔ Interactive learning including videos, quiz style questions and case studies
✔ FREE educational training
✔ Accredited CPD points
✔ Downloadable resources to share with women

The Safer Baby Bundle eLearning Module – what’s covered?

1. Introduction

Learn about the significance of the Safer Baby Bundle in reducing stillbirths in Australia and globally

2. Smoking cessation

This chapter will help you to inform women about the risks of smoking and to support them to stop smoking during pregnancy.

3. Fetal growth restriction (FGR)

FGR is strongly associated with stillbirth, and if not detected then stillbirth is eight times more likely.

4. Decreased fetal movements (DFM)

Pregnant women often delay reporting concerns of DFM to health care professionals. Improved detection and reporting is a key strategy in preventing stillbirth.

5. Side sleeping

Research shows that women going-to-sleep on their side from 28 weeks halve their risk of stillbirth, compared to going-tosleep on their back. This chapter provides advice about sleeping positions during pregnancy. 

6. Timing of birth

The chapter will help you to improve communication and shared decision-making about the timing of birth for women with risk factors for stillbirth using the ‘5
STEPS’ approach.

7. Safer Baby Bundle assessment

A short multiple choice assessment ‘will test your learnings from the Safer Baby Bundle eLearning module and a certificate will be provided.

Start Today

Become a Safer Baby Bundle Masterclass Champion

Be part of the important work to end preventable stillbirth. The Safer Baby Bundle Masterclass is an interactive presentation that has been developed for maternity health professionals as an overview of what to expect in the Safer Baby Bundle eLearning.

This 60-minute Masterclass summarises the five bundle elements, highlights key evidence and clinical recommendations related to the Safer Baby Bundle, and discusses basic principles for implementation. Request a copy of the Masterclass today to become a Safer Baby Bundle champion in your workplace.

You can also view a PDF version below to preview the presentation and understand how you might use the Masterclass to educate colleagues about the Safer Baby Bundle.